Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows.

Each Sequoia surfboard is developed in collaboration with RED Fluid Dynamics, a leader R&D center who collaborate with top industry player with expertise in computational fluid dynamics for surfboards.

The new model simulation, developed by Red Fluid Dynamics with Sequoia Surfboards, presents a dynamic model of the table that allows to reproduce different types of manoeuvres, ranging from radical curves to “re-entry” by aerial manoeuvres.

Enzo high performance surfboards

During the R&D phase for developing shape and structural features of each Sequoia surfboards, our Funder and RED Fluid Dynamics staff work together in order to test how the surfboards reactions during the usage. In this way, each specific characteristic of the board, such as the shape or thickness of the rail and the tail design can be evaluated and perfected in a controlled and repeatable environment to obtain optimal and maximum performance before going to the final test in water.

We study surfboards behavior during each specific utilization phase, engineering structural features like internal material composition, external reinforcing elements as well as surfboards shape and design to maximize performance

After months of development behind the scenes, we are stoked to introduce the new release of our CFD model for surfboards hydrodynamics simulations. The new release features a dynamic model of the board and allows to mimic several types of maneuvers, ranging from radical turns to re-entry from aerials.

Hydrodinamic forces during cruise Enzo high performance surfboards