The Enzo, Sequoia’s latest model developed in partnership with RED Fluid Dynamics, is the ultimate board for small waves, high-performance surfing. Designed with the help of CFD, the latest and most advanced technology in surfboards design, the Enzo is shaped to handle sub-chest to head high conditions with speed and maneuverability without compromising stability and easy-to-paddle characteristics. Featuring a generous volume in a short and compact template, the Enzo is equipped with the double bat tail introduced by Daniel “Tomo” Thomson and used under his license for the first time in a small-wave design to increase drive and maximize the speed by reducing the overall drag of the board. Using CFD, the depth of the single concave in the Enzo has been optimized to increase the water pressure under the board and the resulting dynamic lift to compensate for the more aggressive rocker employed to fit the board in small pockets and to allow for quick transitions between short sections of small waves. The performance enhancement of the Enzo is completed by a modern EPS+CARBON construction used to reduce weight and improve durability, featuring the exclusive Sequoia “V-shaped” carbon stripes capable of balance the board flex and torsion control.

Wave type
ENZO is super on wave from knee to chest high, outline and rocker aloud to surf even in head high condition
ENZO’S High performance coming form the rocker design. The Super low weight of 5050 construction and very efficient hydrodynamics give me the possibility to use a performance rocker unconventional in the classic small wave models
Glassing spec: 
Enzo adopts one of the world best construction, the 5050. Boards are constructed using a 36gram EPS core with a refined carbon fiber frame, each board is hand laminated using epoxy resign and high-grade fiberglass on the deck providing a very light board
Fin setup: 
5 fins set up for all the Enzo. You can use quad in open face wave or when more hold is needed.
Rail type: 
We chose boxy rails, very good puddle power and the boar feel very easy, outline and rocker guarantee a perfect drive and at the same time a very good release.
rail to rail is very good so I decided to chose a full single concave, that’s flatten the center board rocker for better puddle power and give a very easy feeling in the rear foot
Wave Wave