“Sequoia was meant to go on a road never beaten before in surfing. I believe that pure aesthetic is nothing without performance. Sequoia Surfboards was born from functionality and beauty”.

Marcello Zani, Sequoia Surfboards main shaper and founder, comes from a land worldy renowned for having given birth to several design masters. This journey starts in Italy on board a racing car: “I used to be a professional pilot, every second matters when you are driving at 250km/h on track. That’s where my shaping philosophy came from”.

In Sequoia we take care of even the smallest details, choosing the best raw materials and following CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) science to develop the fastest and most reliable surfboards shapes ever.

We intend performance in a very different way from what you might think: it must be within everyone’s reach, a user-friendly and enjoyable Sequoia performance driven surfboard.

The space when you can feel Sequoia energy and performance focus

“It’s not just Technology, I’m always inspired by art and Design.”